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Tags seem "buggy" in Firefox, evernote web version 10.22.3

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I am encountering some buggy behaviour with tags in the web version 10.22.3 of evernote in Firefox 93.0. This has only started occurring in this version (that I'm aware of).

Background: I imported a bunch of notes awhile ago which created some less than ideal tags on each note. I am now going through each tag, selecting all of the notes with that tag and attempting to change the tag/s to something else.

The issue: Let's say I have a note with 3 tags that I want to remove and replace with 3 different tags. When I am attempting to select the new tags and de-select the old tags, the tags against the note keeps getting "reverted" back to the original list of tags, as I am selecting and de-selecting the tags. Usually after the tags being "reverted" 3 times, the issue seems to go away and I'm finally able to select the correct tags. I haven't attached any screenshots to this post, as a video would be more helpful (and I'm not doing that).

Has anyone come across this? Is this something for the evernote devs to fix?


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Hi.  I can imagine that the tag 'autocomplete' feature keeps on replacing entries that are not currently tags with the originals if there are similarities between the two entries.  Have you tried adding all the new tags first,  then deleting the old ones when the new have been added?  As a tip - I find that when you're tagging notes with a standard set of tags,  it's useful to have a separate text note with the tags already present,  and separated by commas;  then copy and paste the whole string.  As in "<tag1>,<tag1>,<tag2>,<tag3>," - Evernote will sort them into separate tags.

Another option might be to add a 'processing' tag - something temporary to identify the notes to be changed,  like "WIP" and then to delete the old before adding the new.

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