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Ads-free plan (DO NOT bother me with an upgrade offer)



I'm technically a light user with only text data and none of the available plans attract me. (mentaly a heavy and loyal user though)

But an upgrade offer always bothers me again and again. I've got fed up so much.

So, if you Evernote want me to pay some money, you can create a new ads-free plan with no actual features at reasonable cost.

Thank you, cheers!

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First do what you can do:

Go to account settings, personal settings and uncheck all (or most) of the options.

Second you simply open the upgrade offer by clicking on „Accept“. Then break it off on the next page - nothing will happen, but the popup won’t return. At least it did not come back to me …

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Thank you for replying and sorry for the late response.

The way you suggested doesn't work at least on my iPhone's Evernote app.

It got nearly purchasing completion and I return all the way back, then it still shows the annoying offer every single... day(or hour?) when I search something in the app.


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I understand the tough situation of subscription plans. And I also think the PERSONAL plan is reasonable for its features.

But my request is to add an "ADS FREE" plan with *NO PHYSICAL FEATURES*.
Which user can change their plan from PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL to ADS FREE? (In other words, who is paying for the PERSONAL plan now just for cutting off the ads?)
Evernote loses nothing with just adding such a plan.

I can even use another term.

Evernote can charge users who have loyalty but no server loading activities.

I have 2000+ notes but most of them are simple text. So my monthly upload limit never gets 60MB, even 1MB. I'm happy just with syncing my Mac and iPhone.
My wish is to quickly search for a simple note without distracting by subscription offers every single time on my iPhone.

I'm glad to pay $2/mo for the ADS FREE plan and support the app.
$3? OK.
$4... if I've got much more hate for your annoying offer on a serious emerging situation.


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If a Plan for less than Personal would work out on the economic side, the marketing guys would probably be happy to offer it. I think their controlling defined a minimum viable fee for all paid accounts. EM continues to serve the old subscriptions, but only for those users who run by it since years.

Personally I don’t think a plan just without any upgrading phantasy is what EN is shooting for. In the end they want subscribers on a value ticket, not a lot of accounts they need to serve (because a subscription is a contract), but can hardly make up the cost of maintaining them. The Free accounts are different - here (within limits) EN can always decide to change them one sided. Like stepping on the gas with showing ads, what took us here.

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Hey marketing guys, do you want me to pay $7.99 for just cutting off your ads? Unfortunately, that's too much for me.

But you can charge me at least $2, even $3 for nothing!!

Hmm... okay. I give up. 😉

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