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Evernote Premium won't accept Paypal

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I want to try Evernote premium for a month to see if it meets my needs before I sign up for a year. I tried to Pay with my PayPal account, which has a very healthy balance, but I keep getting asked to link a credit card to the account and it won't accept my payment without it. There's plenty of money in the account, and I have no reason to link a credit card to it. What's going on, and why won't Evernote accept my Paypal Payment?


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Unfortunately, this is a restriction from PayPal, not from Evernote. A subscription (like Evernote) is treated differently by PayPal than a one-time purchase (like something from eBay). They won't let one of their customers sign up for a service subscription unless you have a card on file.

We've asked if they would change this limitation for Evernote customers, but they've indicated that's not possible.

You may be able to try buying a "Gift" subscription, but send it to yourself. That would let you activate a one year subscription.

(This may be treated differently since it's a "one time" purchase.)

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What I really wanted to do was to try it for a month and see how it works in the application I have in mind before I really commit. Are you telling me that there's no way to do that?

If I use a credit card to sign up by the month can I cancel before the end of the month if it isn't working, or shift to the yearly plan if it is?


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If you sign up for a month with a credit card, you can cancel at any point before the month is done, via the Settings page on the web. Your account will remain Premium for the remainder of the period you already purchased, then automatically revert to Free.

(We'll send out a polite email telling you that this happened.)

If you wanted to purchase an annual subscription at that point, you can do so.

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Is it possible for you to offer a normal one year subscription? If I use the gift option, it says "Jonas invited you on Evernote, but you already use it" ... which doesn't help. And I don't want to change my mail address for that.

Otherwise, I have to link a credit card to my paypal account, but I don't have any. I created my paypal account this week in order to purchase Evernote Premium. Now I put the money on it for this purpose only and I can't use it because I don't owe any credit card.

If I understand correctly, the problem is because of the subscription instead of one-time purchase.. Can't you please offer a one-time purchase one year Evernote Premium?




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