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Ability to search for outstanding tasks with today as a due date



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6 minutes ago, gesshoom said:

I would like the ability to search for all notes that have tasks whose due date is today and is not yet completed.  There doesn't seem to be a search available on task due dates.

I agree that searching for notes containing tasks is still fairly basic. Hopefully there will be some improvements here, with new search syntax allowing more sophisticated searches. The search grammar is so out of date it might already have happened!

In the mean time could you not just search for tasks that are due today which are not yet completed and then use the "by note" tab?

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You can currently search for notes with completed and not completed tasks



Due date plays no role in these searches. Maybe EN will extend the search language to allow better filtering of tasks in the future.

You could use the feedback function build into the clients, or issue a support ticket.

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