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Saved web pages scrunched into narrow column

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Sometime ago I saved some webpages into Evernote. Now those same webpages are scrunched into a narrow column. I can scroll sideways and see the entire page, but I can’t see the full width of the page without scrolling sideways. Does anyone know of a fix for this?


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As I mentioned in another post as well: But I also made a discovery: if you click that narrow column at the top, a menu appears at the bottom with amongst others, an icon of a magic wand. If you click that, it’ll ‘simplify formatting’ - and your page might be readable!


Another user suggested using the shortcut from iOS, and that works just like the ‘old’ simplified web page from Web Clipper

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Some users have a problem with it because it changes the original web site view to something similar to what you see when opening it in reader mode.

The content is roughly the same, but it looks very "factual" after simplification.

There are threads in the forum discussing this, users claiming that they want to edit the original site, not the simplified version.

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