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Penultimate crashes when using screen sharing in iPadOS



Some users are experiencing problems with Penultimate.

We have been using different versions of iOS, different iPad devices and Penultimate, but this bug persists after years.

The problem is that when we are using Penultimate and sharing screen from iPad to a Mac, switch to another app and then we try to go back to Penultimate, it crashes each time.

It's impossible to switch between other apps and Penultimate when the screen sharing is activated on iPad.

Has anyone else spotted this problem? How can we contact the developers to ask them if they can solve this?

We have tried other apps for notes and they doesn't have this problem, only Penultimate.

Thank you!

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Penultimate is not the hottest app in the EN portfolio. In fact it was bought by EN years ago, and never really integrated. You can notice the „conservative“ design of the GUI, which has nothing to do with the modern GUI of the EN app.

Furthermore Screen sharing between iPad and Mac is not a Penultimate feature, it is an iPadOS/ MacOS feature.

Long story told short: I would not expect EN to fall over their feet, hurrying to freshen up Penultimate. You can issue a support ticket, through the EN support process (subscribers only).

Workaround: Use another, more modern app. I personally run GoodNotes 5 on my iPad. There is an app for the Mac as well, allowing to open the GN5 notes on the Mac. Have not tried it with screen sharing, but they are much more active and would surely fix any issue in a short period of time.

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11 hours ago, ChoPraTs said:

How can we contact the developers to ask them if they can solve this?

Hi.  Penultimate has not - AFAIK - been updated for some long time,  and it's status within Evernote is unknown.  If you can use an alternative app you should probably do so, at least for the present.  Support would be able to advise you further...

Subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and Free users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or use the feedback option in the mobile client).

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From the iOS AppStore history they released one update every year, for the last 5 years, and some more before it. The latest is about 1 year old, promoting „You can now use you EN login data, and your notes will be synced with your EN account“ - WTF (I mean WOW !).

But these are merely housekeeping updates, more or less in sync with the yearly iOS updates. The app was not really touched in at least 5 years, and you can notice it every second when using it.

I have it installed, but only to be able to try some stuff if a fellow user shows up with a question here in the forum. My poor Apple pencil is always bending and wiggling in my hand when I start using it on a Penultimate session  🪱  🐍  🐙  

It does not even mention the Apple Pencil - it still promotes a „Jot Script Stylus EN Edition“. It was released with iOS 6 - we are just downloading iOS 15 now. This means „technology“ 9 years old - what a burner on steroids is this !

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