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Evernote can't paste images to either web version or 'Tusk' in Ubuntu 18.04



I can't paste copies picture from clipboard to evernote. I think the problem exists only in 'Tusk' and web version of evernote. Windows version works. 

This is really annoying. I have checked monthly quota, which is 43% used only. So this isn't memory or subscription issue.

If I can't paste picture unfortunately I have to switch note taking software, which I don't want to. Are there any solutions? 

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20 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

It often helps to copy a picture to the desktop first, and then from there into EN. It is similar in the other direction as well, if directly copying and pasting a picture from EN into another app does not work.

Hi, there is only 'attach' button that takes document. I can not paste any image from saved 'Desktop'. Could you post an screenshot highlighting the procedure? 

N.B.: I am using Tusk version in Ubuntu system. 

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