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Evernote duplicate note suddently (version 10.22.3)

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Hi guys,

I worked on a revision of my highlight from a Kindle book (I love you Readwise) but suddenly Evernote duplicate my note (duplicate 3 notes) and even a delete it, it's coming back

Here's a way to fix it ?

Thanks and have a nice day


2021-09-30 05_58_14-Codependent No More - Melody Beattie - Evernote.png

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I've seen the same problem twice now.  I created a brand new note and was only working on it in Windows version 10.22.3.  To be clear - these weren't notes that I worked on and then later came back to.  I had created it a few minutes before and was still actively working on it.  All of a sudden, a message pops up that says "We found more than one version of 'note name.'  You can view the alternate here."  When I look, there are 3-4 versions of the note in the list, all of them identical.

What I've found is that if I delete the new versions and keep working on the original, it doesn't happen again.

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