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Can’t do really basic things on Android!

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I have Evernote 10.18 (1118144) installed on my MotoG8+ running Android 10.

These problems have existed since the new home page of Evernote has been introduced.

I can’t create a new note: the ‘+ New’ button gives me a new note with everything greyed out. I can type in the title and the note ok, but the tick, undo & redo icons remain greyed out. There is no way to set a tag. And there is no way to exit that situation, other than use the Android back button. So my workaround is to use email to sent to my Evernote loading address - but annoying!

If I open an existing note, I can’t set or change the tags. If I touch the tag icon near top right I’m shown a larger tag icon on and the messages Find notes faster with tags Click the ‘add tag button in the top right to create your first tag, But that’s what I did on the previous window! And there are no other icons to get anything else to happen, except Done at top right, which returns to the previous window.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling, freeing up space and reinstalling, but no improvement.

I need a fix for this please!

THank you


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