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Evernote "pending" share?

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I'm sharing an Evernote to two individuals.  The first receives the emails without issue.  The second doesn't.  Although there appears to be no issue with the sharing, when I click to view permissions (upper right hand corner) the status of the second is "pending".  When I click "pending" I have two options:

Share Again

Remove Access

When I "Share Again" it again appears to work "Shared note with XXXXXXX"...but the "pending" status doesn't change.



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The individual's address is correct, they used to receive the evernotes until two or three weeks ago.

The Evernote app notifies them that the note has been shared, but when they open the app there is nothing there.


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Hmmn.  Is this individual being notified by the web app,  or the installed v10 client? I have no recent personal experience of the exact steps required to accept a share,  but I believe there should be a link to click to accept it (?) - it wasn't just a matter of opening the app.  We're a (mainly) user2user forum so no under-the-hood access to servers to check on the process - if this just isn't working,  you really need to reach out to Support for more...  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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