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No reminders, slow syncing and difficult sharing

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I use evernote since years now, but the new releases after the redesign make it hard, to love the app. 

The android app starts slow. It seems, that I have to open it manually to get reminders. The sync is very slow and the app is very often not actual.

If I try to share something with evernote, I have to do it twice, to get it work.

I use the app rel. 10.17 on a samsung galaxy s10 and tab a.

I hope, evernote works hard to improve it.

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You are not alone. All problems you tell about I can confirm. I had a ticket about reminders not firing up although synced and support told me about, that they were working on an urgent quick fix. Still checking if 10.18 solved this...

You are right, upon starting the app is not actual since there is NO background sync service anymore. I started a feature request on this. Please vote for it. Thanks.


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I did some testing on 10.18. The good news: the reminders created outside of EN Android that have been successfully synced to mobile  seem now to fire up consistently. But: if you do not manually start (which is mandatory) EN Android to let it sync the new reminders from server (that is open the app, painful waiting for the initial sync from Server as the app is dead when closed - 20-60 seconds) you will not get any of these new reminders on your mobile. That is a big flaw by design nobody would expect on a cloud service in 2021. I raised a feature request about that. By the way: EN 8.13.3 could handle this scenario easily already back in the years through allowing automatic background syncs within selectable intervals. 😉 

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