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Saved Searches--Can't Find Them

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I created a search and saved it, but forgot to check the "save in shortcut" box. I looked and looked but couldn't find where it had gone. So I figured I'd just do it again--but I can't, because when I try to save it, it says it already exists!

Where will I find it? I've found advice saying there's a "saved search" section in the left-hand navigation, but I'm not seeing it. I'm using the latest desktop version.


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Sorry for a misleading initial answer. Just moved my body from the couch to my desk, and had a look on my Mac: If you click into the search field (left panel, top), a dropdown menu opens.

Below the field for the search string, there are the last searches, and then a block for saved searches. They have a down arrow to see them all, if the overview is too narrow for a complete list.

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