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Messy note thumbnails

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Hi! New to Evernote so sorry if I'm asking silly questions... :') Maybe I'm overlooking, but I have made notebook for recipes and was wondering how (if possible?!) I could add a cover for each recipe (ie note)? So I can scan my recipes quickly based on an image rather than reading every title. The image in the screenshot attached is * below * the title, but in the thumbnail it's pushed to the bottom and is only shown partially... A second thing, I have noticed the bullet (or other) lists don't display on note thumbnail? I'm really bothered by how messy that looks, how can I fix this? Thanks.



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Hi.  AFAIK there's no way within Evernote to create an 'automatic' image gallery that you could use for recipe selection.  It would be possible to create one or more notes that contain links to other notes in your database in a table layout. 

  • Search for your recipe notes - either all of them or some subset like 'breakfast' or 'vegetarian' and copy the list of note titles that you generate.
  • Paste that list into a new note and create a table above it that will display comfortably on your smallest device.
  • Copy/ paste the individual note titles into the table cells,  then open that note in its own window.
  • Visit each link in the table cells and copy paste a picture from the note above the link
  • You then have a personal Pinterest-style index to all your notes

I cobbled together something from a Google search for 'food pictures' as an illustration ...


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An issue with EN is the inability to decide about which thumbnail shows on a notes preview. This selection is done by the system; even when some workarounds are traded on the forum.

You could try card view for a recipes notebook, but it will not compare to a professional recipe site in the internet.

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