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Web version made horrible after yesterdays update

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There are multiple features removed in the web version update of 23rd September, 2021. It is a pity because it was a smooth, intuitive "language" to manipulate text, and is now all gone.

Several examples:

  • "Headers" features is gone - now one needs to mark the whole line first and put size, font, and style all manually - which is error prone, requires a lot of mouse movement, and makes you distract from the content you are creating, and makes the document look inconsistent.
  • Tables are made as inflexible as they can get, not even width of a column can be changed, or simple row removal is no longer accessible, not talking about putting colors to cells and multiple other rich features which were available for tables.
  • tabulation and bullet points in vast mayority of cases are either malfunctioning (where you need to spend 5-10 minutes, and copy+paste several times until you make it look as you wanted initially), not intuitive, or also requires pressing buttons from tool panel rather than be able to be manipulated via the keyboard "tab", "*" symbol on the keyboard.
  • Marking the taxt and tabbing makes the text to be deleted rather than tabbed.
  • multiple other although not major malfunctionings and feature removals, while mayority of them being not as important as previously mentioned, but irritatingn enough to make working with the platform just barely fulfill its purpose rather than also being satisfactory, easy and smooth.
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It was impossible for me to reproduce ANY of your claims. All of your problems do not describe the function of the actual web client.

Any chance you have rested your web client to the "classic" editor by accident ?

  • Overview - EN web - new version must be active
  • Personal settings - web client - v10+ must be active
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Hey, thank you for your coming back to me.

I am not aware of the option to switch between "classic" editor and its alternatives, nor options to choose other settings you mentioned like "EN web" or "v10+". On 23rd of September after logging in I just noticed different UI (both Firefox 92.0 and Chrome 93.0 on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS), so I assumed it is due to the update from the server side. I am accessing the URI "evernote.com" and after logging in I am redirected to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action with several URI fragment parameters at the end (after symbol #), if this info is useful.

I have images attached where it is visible that "Header" option is no longer available in the toolbox - just a combination of font, size, and style which is closest to the "header" option as I mentioned in my initial message.800068724_Capturadepantallade2021-09-3013-50-32.thumb.png.b6ef42157420f7709dddd0bfbe970e33.png

And another image where it is visible that after moving the marker (and the mouse on the same cell, however for some reason it is no visible in the screenshot) to any of the cells of the table no tools appear around the table to manipulate it making it impossible to, for example, remove a row.


Neither they appear after selecting cells


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hello again,

Great, I found a "new version" setting in the UI, all the missing stuff came back. Thank you for your help and sorry for your wasted time. I am not sure though, how this "new version" turned off automatically without me switching it, on 23rd of September.

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