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Offline Notebooks - Empty list when scrolling, no search icon, sorting from Z-A

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I have 433 notebooks.

I would like to have some of them as offline notebooks.

But I can not choose them:

1. When I scroll through the list of 433 notebooks in the pop-up, suddenly the list gets empty while scrolling (screenshot 1).

2. When I try to choose some of the notebooks as offline notebooks from this list, I cannot achieve to get notebooks with names starting for example with "A", because the list of "Offline notebooks" starts in a reverse order Z-A (screenshot 2) and:

3. there is no option to SEARCH in the list of 433 notebooks for those I would like to mark as offline notebook.


(Android 11, Samsung S7 tablet, Evernote 10.17, Evernote Personal plan)



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Just a word about having more than 400 notebooks:

To me it seems to be too heavy on notebooks, creating a too granular setup of the information.

If you would shift to use tags, and reduce the number of notebooks (probably 1/10th should work without a problem), you reduce your current problem, and can work more efficiently.

Tagging in general allows to put one piece of information into several categories at once - both permanent (type, subject, date, use, people etc.) and fluid (pay, read, phone, computer, open etc.).

Tags plus search allows me to "find everything" - which in the end is the objective of using EN.

My main driver to employ a new notebook instead of using the existing ones is to set up a new sharing space for others.

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Unfortunately tags offer no offline options so I understand the usage of notebooks to get sorted out, what is downloaded.

Workaround: Could you just open the notebook (from notebook section) you want to get offline and mark this to be available offline via the three dot menu? It is a lot of work to do this for each but maybe working in the end.

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If having 40 notebooks instead of 400, it makes switching the download option easier. But this is only one effect to reduce the number of notebooks - easier selection in filters or other per notebook actions is another, maybe more important reason.

Selecting through the 3dots is a slick alternative - thanks for the idea.

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