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Confirm sorting by title of notes in a notebook?

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I want to change the sorting within a notebook to sort by TITLE.

I choose this option in the pop-up (see screenshot) ... and now what???

The sorting does not work and/or there is no button or whatever to CONFIRM this change of setting.

Just closing this pop-up does not change it to sort by title.


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From another thread: There seems to be a bug in the mobile 10.17 app, on iOS as well, that prevents the sorting to work.

Just installed EN iOS 10.18, seems to be working again.

There is no confirmation button- once you select an option, you already see in the darkened background view how the order changes.

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It usually does not make a difference in core functions between the mobile clients. They are virtual twins, running inside of a framework handling the OS traffic.

But iOS is very quick rolling out the updates, and the updates usually work without any problem. For the Android app there seems to be a staged rollout, so maybe it takes a little until 10.18 gets available.

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17 hours ago, Alxa said:

In case you do not want to wait 1-2 weeks until Evernote dares to stage it to the last user

My staged roll-out arrived in less than 12 hours - it was available when I woke up this morning.

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Be happy - if something is wrong, you will know in advance 😏

Currently I am sitting on my iOS 14.8, waiting for Apple to release 15.0.1 (or maybe even 15.1). It is not always beneficial to be placed in the first row. „Eile mit Weile“, as you say.

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