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Add-in not working in linked email accounts

Holly Tugiyanto


I have multiple email accounts linked together in Microsoft Office 365; However, after I installed the Evernote add-in, it only shows up on the toolbar for my main email address that I signed up with on Evernote.  

So basically, I have to send emails to my email address that I used for my login info for Evernote from the secondary email addresses in order to upload them to Evernote.  We have tried lots of different things to get the add-in to show up on the other two emails, and it says Evernote add-in is installed, but it is still not showing up for some reason. 



myworkemail@blah.edu   (This is the email I used to signed up with Evernote.)  -  The add-in shows up in the tool bar.

payroll@blah.edu  (the add-in isn't there but says it's downloaded)

assistance@blah.edu (the add-in isn't there but says it's downloaded)


My boss has the add-in showing up in all of his linked email accounts.  Any ideas?  We can't figure it out.  Thanks in advance!

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