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Double (two) Taskbar icons (bug?)

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( i did a quick search but didn't find this topic, apologies if this was discussed earlier)

This is an FYI with a fix.

Minor issue: I had two separate taskbar icons for Evernote.
I would click on the pinned icon to start the application. Then a second one would appear further down the taskbar to show the application is running.
Normally when an application is started from the taskbar it keeps with the  one icon with a blue underline to show the application is running (or create copies within the one icon).
Evernote creates a separate second icon. I don't know about you, I have enough icons in my taskbar I don't need a second one.

Remove the pinned icon.
Start Evernote.
Pin the new icon.
Now only one icon appears when you start Evernote from the taskbar.

(This may be due to installing an update, so the taskbar got confused which version was running?)

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