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Hi.  Signing out of Evernote on each device and then back in should trigger an update so that the device has the latest version of your notes.  There could be technical reasons for one or more failing to sync - check your notes via a browser and Evernote.com to see the server version.  If a device has notes that are not the same as those on the server,  it is having an issue syncing.  

Tips for troubleshooting syncing issues

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On mobile: Go to settings, Synchronisation, Sync now

On desktop: Press and hold the ctrl (PC) / the opt (Mac) -key before clicking on the Help menu. Open the new menu position "Problem solving" (or similar). You can use the options "Reload" and "Force Reload" to initiate a sync.

On web client: No need to sync, it shows the master copy on the server

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