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Android v10.17 camera widget logon?

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Just checking in to see if anyone has run into this or has a workaround. This behavior is different than previous versions.

I use 2 widgets for EN - one opens a blank note for me to quickly save something & the other opens the camera to allow me take a quick picture

The issue is with the camera widget in that it requires a logon at each use & this is new behavior. The note widget does not do this

I just want to take a quick pic with the widget as before if anyone has any tips - thanks


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Sorry, don't you hate it when you have an issue and someone else comes along and says it works just fine for me... :( Sadly, for you, the camera widget does exactly what you would want. Snaps the photo and I click save and into Evernote it goes.

I have found, once or twice, that Android app updates can 'break' things.  I would suggest, if you haven't already done so, to uninstall the app and then reinstall. That has fixed minor issues like this for me previously.

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It's a brand new phone where EN was just installed, but I have since noticed that it behaves as expected (and like the Note widget) when I turn off the passcode

Still, I do not want to do that as I have always used a passcode or biometrics - this is not the way it has worked in the past

Do you keep your Android EN locked?

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Even if it is on the iPhone, it is practically the same client.

No, I see no sense at all to add another layer of locking things up to my EN app. My phone is a personal device, locking up after a short while, ready to be wiped if stolen, encrypted. It is not shared with other people. Where should be the need to lock the EN account on a locked device ?

For passwords I use a dedicated password manager - this IS locked with its own password and FaceID.

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12 hours ago, CentralAla said:

Do you keep your Android EN locked?

That would do it. There are a number of functions that, probably, rightly require a login when you have passcode enabled. I don't so don't have this challenge. I reckon my device security should be sufficient. YMMV

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