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Legacy Widget and older Evernote no longer working on Android 11, still working Android 9

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Upgradeed to the OnePlus 6t with custom Android 11 ROM from Lineage version 9 on same 6t. 

Evernote was working fine with legacy widget that allowed speech to text notes. Now can't sign in to Evernote at all. 

I downloaded newest Evernote from Playstore and it worked but doesn't support LEgacy Widget or speech to text. 

Anyway to get my older version to still login on Android 11? 

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If anybody finds a way to install it, fine.

From EN all legacy clients are declared as end of life. They made it clear they will not touch them any more, they are offered as they are.

AFAIK the Android client is not even an official EN legacy client, these are only the desktop versions for Windows and Mac. For these EN offers a download with a grey elephant symbol, that will never ask to update. Android was an apk-file from another source that could be installed.

Conclusion: I don’t think there will be a move by EN to make any pre v10 version run again, if it stops working on a platform.

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