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Delete multiple seldom-used tags (mac desktop or IOS)

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I have too many tags. I can delete them one at a time only after I remove the tags from any notes to which they are attached. I cannot select multiple tags and delete or trash. I thought this should be a simple housekeeping task. No?

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27 minutes ago, Biff said:

Delete multiple seldom-used tags

Personally, I archive tags instead of deleting them   
I rename the tag; prefix with an x, for example tag:xname   
The tags are still in the tag list, but sort to the bottom where they can be ignored or referenced

btw, deleting the tag automatically removes it from any notes

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This housekeeping is necessary every few months in my case, to keep the tags streamlined.

It is a task with several directions:

  • Find synonyme tags, pick one of them, apply it to the other notes, then delete the unused ones
  • Find seldom used ones, reassign a unified tag to these notes, delete the additional tag
  • Find tags with massive usage, think about breaking them up

I don't let tags accumulate - if I decide to get rid of one, I assign the replacement to the notes, and eliminate the now unused one completely.

Currently the legacy client offers superior views for the housekeeping and the reassignment of tasks to several notes.

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Depends on who is the owner of the shared note:

  • It can be you are the owner, and have shared to another person. Then it should work, as if the note was not shared.
  • If another account owns the note, and it was shared to you, tagging is restricted.
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Yes. I figured that one out. I just cannot figure out if EN will let me streamline my number of tags by selecting multiple tags and deleting them all at the same time. Seems I need to go tag by tag. Thus, to your point about housekeeping tags every 60 days; I waited 8 years.

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v10 is tag by tag. But because often you will want to replace old, to be deleted tags by new ones (for example out of the reasons I have listed above), you anyhow need to move tag by tag.

Decide about a tag, then select all notes containing it, then assign the new tag to all of these notes, then delete the old tag.

You can't do this for several tags at once, or better you can, but you risk deleting tags before the new selection sticks.

In general if you want to clean up a lot, I would install the legacy client, since it supports such an action better than v10.


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