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(Archived) Problem w/ Changing Snapshot directories in EN Mobile

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I downloaded the latest beta last night and installed it to my Sprint Mogul (first time using EN on my mobile). Although I have changed both snapshot import directories to \my documents\my pictures and \storage card\my documents\my pictures, when I go to the Upload page in EN, it is still pulling JPG's from other places on my device, not just the specific folders I've identified. The result is that instead of having to scroll through 30 photos, I've got to scroll through 140+, because I've got some snapshots of people that I use with a Contacts program that are in a seperate folder. The first time I loaded EN that folder was a subfolder under \storage card\my documents\my pictures. I moved it to \My Documents and specified the 2 folders as shown above, and EN was still showing the snapshots in the Upload list. I unistalled and reinstalled EN, and moved the snapshot folder to my root directory, changed the snapshot import directory again as shwon above, and it is still pulling them into the Upload list. Suggestions?

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