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Annoying Pop up

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A Free user practically lives of the marketing budget. And who pays writes the rules …

Ridiculous is to believe a commercial enterprise would be a charity, and to expect a free lunch - every day, for life. It was called communism, and in case nobody told you: They tried, it did not work.

As I see it you have 3 simple options, and is is your decision, not ENs which you choose:

  1. Stay on Free, accept some nagging as part of the deal
  2. Subscripe
  3. Leave
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Ridiculous indeed. No need to get testy.

Yes, I am a paying subscriber for probably 10 years already. What is being offered to me, the annoying pop up, is an upgrade to the package I have right now. It started recently, when the package structure had been reworked. 










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