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Symbols or Punctuation in Tag Names

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What symbols or punctuations are allowed in tag names?

I saw one forum post that said that the underscore is the only the only thing allowed in tag names and another post that recommended an asterisk at the beginning of a tag name. When I search by tag name on Android some of the results return all of my notes and sometimes the search only returns some of my notes. 

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1 hour ago, RsM said:

What symbols or punctuations are allowed in tag names?

I prefix tag names with special characters  (!?#@.) on a Mac and iPad

>the underscore is the only the only thing allowed

This applies to the indexing of note title and contents for text search   

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Thank you, this helps. I had tags with *, -, (), & instead of "and". My searches were always missing some notes. And the Evernote "Tips for organizing notes, notebooks, and tags" added to the confusion by recommending:

For notebooks: All notebook titles begin with a one-word prefix for the department or group that owns it. So, all Sales department notebooks, for example, would begin with “Sales:” as in “Sales:Reports”

For notes: All meeting-related notes all start with the date in the note title as in “2014-09-05 Weekly PM Meeting”

For tags: All tags that refer to a project or release phase begin with an asterisk (*) symbol as in “*alpha”, “*design”, or “*pending”

from: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006097


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The semi-colon would be a bad thing to include in a tag since it is used in search syntax.  So, taking your examples I would anticipate search confusion since Evernote will likely be attempting to parse Sales: as an operator like tag:

So limit your special characters to those that don't have other use or meaning.

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Little embarrassed that I've been using EN 10 years and didn't know this.

Could you let me know why & shouldn't be used in tag names? I didn't see it called out as a control function (in the links) and am not sure what EN does with it.


I appreciate the help.

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I may have assumed (wrongly) that the "&" in the tag name caused problems when I searched by tag name on Android. Sometimes the search would return no notes (or fewer) than EN on Windows. I now noticed that if I just stay on the search results (on Android) it will eventually show all the notes.

My second assumption was that when I hit the sync button on my phone that it would update the number of notes with a specific tag but it doesn't. So the take away is "&" in a tag name is fine but syncing on Android does not update the number of notes with a specific tag, but by staying on the search page (on Android) all the notes would eventually show up. It would be nice to have a definitive list of symbols to avoid in tag names but your post definitely got me on the right track.

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13 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Who told to avoid the "&" symbol ?

I suggested avoiding it in order to take a cautious approach. Because & is often used in searches, even if not in EN, it is something I would as a general principle avoid in names, tags etc. Quite happy to be told I'm being overcautious but for me there are plenty of other characters to use.

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