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Make a Task from an Email

Darin Grant


I recently purchased Evernote because of the Tasks functionality that was added on top of the really nice note taking feature set.  I was disappointed to find that while I can send emails to Evernote to create notes, I cannot do so to create tasks (flagging emails for response).  Is there any way that I've missed to do this or is this an upcoming feature?

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Currently you can’t create a task directly.

Tasks in EN need a minimum set of settings to make them work - maybe this is why it is not possible by simply sending emails to myself.

As a workaround: You can add tags to a forwarded email. You simply go to the email title field an put this behind the existing mails title:

                       Mail title text @mynotebook #mytag

The @ defines the notebook to which the mail is send, the # followed by a word assigns a tag to the note created from the email.

If you now create a tag like „NewTask“ and add #NewTask to the mails title before forwarding it, the new note will have that  „NewTask“ label. Simply select for all notes with this tag, and start to create tasks in all of them. Once the task is created, remove the tag.

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