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For the love of God, how do I stabilize the latest version of Evernote?

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I can't believe how bad the latest Windows Evernote client is. It was fine until the latest update which I think was July. I had no problems up to that point.  Whatever version I was forced to upgrade to has been terrible with resource management.  Program leaks memory and consumes on average 800 to 1GB of RAM every three days.. then inexplicably locks up/stops responding to the point I have to end the process through task manager or quit of the program. Constantly getting *blank* dialog boxes and I can't even check to see what version I'm running. 

What the hell Evernote? How the hell do I stabilize this? Can someone point me to where I can rollback my windows client? 



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I'm not the geek I used to be, but I find that windows OS and the applications work so much better if the machine gets restarted each day.  I haven't found any stability issues at all on the windows desktop client, but I keep the version current and I restart daily.  Might save you the hassle of running the legacy with V. 10

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Shutting down for the night and restarting fresh in the morning is good for all applications - and good for the planet, saving the energy to run the machine, even when in energy saving mode.

Since nearly everybody uses an SSD as system drive, starting the system up lost a lot of the problems of these old days. I remember having a single floppy 5.25“ drive on my computer: First boot it from the first floppy, then load the application software with the second, and then inserting the third one with the files. A lot of time to drink coffee …

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