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Random device listed for unsync in first week of every month. Is this an attempt to consume the 2 attempts provided every month ?

Tushar Londhe


I use evernote only on my android one plus mobile and MAC book. No other device is ever used. However every month in first week I get a pop-up to unsync a randomly listed device. This looks like a attempt to consume the 2 attempts to unsync the device. I am finally logged out and cannot use evernote causing a total disruption in my work.


Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 8.43.51 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 8.33.12 PM.png

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Maybe somebody else tries to access your account. Checked the access history yet ?

Beside this: Using a service (any service) on a Free model on which you rely for your work is IMHO never a good idea. When I look at the apps listed in your Dock, it seems to me you could afford to subscribe - it is your own decision not to do so. Which leads to the devices limit, and the current lockout.

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By work I meant some personal stuff for which we can surely use free services.

I am pretty certain nobody else is using my account. I waited for 4 months before posting this and observed the pattern. Radom device get's listed every first week of month and consumes the 2 attempts available every month.

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Makes no sense to argue with you if you are convinced EN wants to do you evil.

Personally I run 2 accounts, one subscription and one Free, and never had a 3rd party device trying to access.

You can check on the following website if your login user was found in one of the many security breaches that have happened in the internet over the years (not at EN). If it is there, you must expect people with sinister intentions to probe the usual accounts from time to time, to see if they can enter. The device declaration is bogus, the IP is wrong (VPN server or DNS cloak), the intentions are bad:


This is what EN tells you to do in case your account was compromised:


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