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Unable to login to my Web account and to the forum.

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Pressing login button on the login screen with entered login name does nothing. I tried to login from macOS and linux using different browsers. The problem exists many days.

The problem prevents me to login to the forum.

Right now I logged in to the forum from macOS using Firefox browser because I found some trick: I use Desktop Evernote client for macOS and in my settings clicked link Manage devices. It opened browser and I appeared logged in.

I can not do the trick in another browser or using Linux because there is not Linux client available.


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Hi.  I'm currently logged into both the forums and Evernote on Linux via Brave (a Chrome-based browser) so I don't know what your issue might be - have you tried using a VPN?  Another thread offered that as a solution for connection issues...

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I still can not login using Web browser Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome on Ubuntu Linux/macOS. I tried to use Proton VPN and Tor Browser without success. The first does not help at all and the second can login from time to time. It mostly returns a "suspicious" request error.

It is very distressing for me because I often used Evernote Web clipper in Firefox

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Hmnn.  I'm still happily logging in to the web client and using Clipper on Linux Mint with and without a VPN.  It seems like you have a network issue of some kind preventing your access,  but whether that is something to do with your OS or the browser is outside my expertise.

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Safari and FF working for me on my Mac, BigSur 11.6, Safari 15.

I second this is most likely a local problem, maybe with a security function like a firewall or something else running on the local network interfering. What is strange is that a VPN (which usually is running on the client PC, bypassing the local network) does not change the problem.

Conclusion: No idea, not my pay grade.

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