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Are they going to fix the constant crashing issue or nah?

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Just putting my voice out there as yet another person who can't use Evernote on Android currently and for some time because it simply crashes everytime I open it. Currently stuck on 10.16 as 10.17 isn't available for me yet for whatever reason, hoping they deigned us the courtesy of fixing this in that update.

Curious how this is being completely ignored. I finally gave in, pushed all my deep-rooted hatred for this company aside, and opted for one year. I won't be renewing that now, but I would like to be able to use what I have payed for in the mean time. I will not be uninstalling, clearing storage or restarting so don't suggest it. It is not my job to make something I pay for function, this is very basic stuff, not hard. I am also unmotivated to contact support as I did this just a few months ago for an issue that seemed specific to my device but was nonetheless equally unacceptable and - surprise! - I ended up having to solve myself because support simply bounced me around and did nothing.

I'd like to hope that the Android app devs read these threads, if so; do your jobs please, it isn't difficult to make a stable app that actually runs, especially when it's paid and would be nice if even one component of this horrid excuse for a company had some integrity and compentency. 

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