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Evernote Web Clipper only shows a bug account


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When I 'Save Clip', the account I am shown (see attached screengrab) is not mine. It may be useful to point out that, while at the time of speaking I am in Windows 10, the unknown account appeared, I think, while using Evernote on Macbook. That account may be generated automatically, when not logged in?  I don't know.

The long and the short is, Evernote Web Clipper does not seem to give me the option to switch to my account. When I click the down arrow right of the G symbolising that dummy(?) account, the only options I am given is 'Add Teams Account'.

Could it be the case that Evernote surreptitiously took away the web clipper from premium account holders, like me, to make it exclusive to 'Teams' accounts?

If not, please advise on how to bypass that 'dummy' account.

Many thanks!


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