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Fix The iPad Apps UI ( Horrific Formatting for Home and Business Spaces )


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Currently a business user, and utilizing Evernote for Web and iPhone it has been rather seamless, for work we primarily work on iPad Pros which have great MS suite software negating the need for a laptop. I was mortified to view how bad Evernote is for iPad Pro. Quite frankly its a blown up Iphone app that isnt optimized at all for the resolution or screen realestate. Currently waiting for Evernote to respond if this is going to be fixed before switching to Notion or One Note which properly is configured for the screen. However, wasn’t sure if anyone realized how bad it is. Business spaces for example you cant even adjust to see the pinned notes as they view on the web or even your recents its in this little left confined view just terribly optimized. 

Its bad when your avoiding using the APP on a device and using the web browser version due to how bad the experience is. 

Evernote has really dropped the ball on their quality assurance on iPad Pro sadly. 

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The mobile market is some billion devices.

Most of them are smartphones. A few are tablets. Of the tablets, there are Windows (yes ), Android and iPads. True, iPad probably holds the largest share of the tablet market, but it is only a small fraction of the mobile market. Say 5% (Apple does not publish individual sales figures any more).

Now the Pro series of the iPad is definitely not the top seller. They are the most expensive iPads, say they make 20% of all iPads sold. OK, now we are talking about 20% of 5%, which (mathematical genius, me) makes 1% of all mobile devices. Probably I am off a bit, but not by much.

So, there are you, standing like a little kid, stomping your feet and telling the world everything needs to be stopped around you, until you are happy, and can stop stomping your little feet ?

Like the guy in his fancy Porsche, standing in a traffic jam with all the Toyota’s, Kias and Volks of the world, demanding free passage because - well, a Porsche is not build to drive slow, y‘knw.

OK, let’s get serious: No, the current EN iPad app  is not making use of all the possibilities and features of that device. Yes, we all would like to get a better app, to have more fun using it on our fancy iPad (Pros). BTW, I am writing this on my Pro, so I know what you are talking about.

But there is still a lot to do for all v10 users. So I think we accept that before EN start to tutor our small but brilliant user group, they focus to do more for everybody. If we are so great and brilliant, a little grain of being humble won’t harm, what do you think ?

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Rough analogies and metaphors; However in the spirit of being nice; I do appreciate the attempt good sir. Also Evernote functions the same on all iPads which negates the need to review sale figures since the app is equally horrific on all iPads. I use a Pro thus the correlation. However in terms of application, when it comes to the experience of using the app;  its bizarre just how bad the app is considering the changes. I expected a far more optimized app considering alternatives are heavily optimized negating the need to review sell through results to justify. Quite frankly Evernote is the only app i have found in the genre that isn't optimized for iPad. My last hope is to see if their is an update coming out that will resolve this before moving our business account to another service. The lack of optimization for a service charging per user vs a free app fully optimized was quite disappointing with Evernote.  

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Currently I see no signs that EN will create sub-clients for product lines inside of mobile and desktop.

There are Windows (Surface and the like) users heavily complaining about a lack of stylus support as well. Unheard so far ...

I use the iPad a lot, so I would for sure appreciate EN to bump the client up to full iPadOS capabilities.

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I have to confess home looks brutally bad on the iPad, it’s a terrible use of the space.  I do hope this is something they adjust which could surely be something they adjust depending on screen sizes? I can relate to the frustration, on the phone - great, laptop great, web great, iPad it just looks like an after thought. 

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Be happy with the iPad version - at least there is more than a portrait mode view, only using a third of the screen, because it does not even have an iPad view. Just had another app, that installed on the iPad, but only offered a blow up of an iphonish window.

Currently EN applies a simple vision: Mobile is mobile, no matter what the device may be able to do. When using an iPad this leaves a LOT of room for improvement !

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