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Email Address for BCC Evernote that Includes Recipients



Does anyone know of a service or ability for emails to be "reforwarded" to Evernote, so that anything copied using BCC includes all of the original email's meta data (i.e. date sent, recipients, etc).  

Currently, if you forward an email to Evernote, it comes in with all of the metadata at the top, including the various recipients, subject line and the date the original email was sent (with the Evernote create date being the date it was forwarded into Evernote).

However, if I blind CC my Evernote account on an email I am sending to someone else, it comes in with just the body of that email and does not show who the email was sent to.  Therefore, currently it is a two step process if I want to save an email I am sending into Evernote, as I need to send it, then go into my sent items and forward it.

Does anyone know of a setting or service to make it easier to "re-forward" emails to Evernote?  I guess I could set up a free email account through Gmail or something and set up a rule to auto-forward everything to Evernote, then use that address when copying Evernote on a BCC.  However, it would be great if there was a second email address within Evernote that would do that.


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The Apple Mail client has a function to "reroute" emails instead of forwarding them.

It would still be 2 steps, but it sends the original mail to a new address, instead of adding another "envelope" to the forwarded mail.

Maybe other mail clients have a similar option.

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