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Moving from OneNote to Evernote - Migration

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Like many others I have trawled the web for hours trying to find a solution 

I have approx 30 sections and 1000 notes in onenote and was hoping to migrate the lot to Evernote

I can import "One Single" note and can import "One" pdf and drop it into the import folder - but I cannot find anyway of doing this on mass.

I cannot be alone Evernote - I have paid my subscription for 5 years and currently use both, but the new features have wet my appetite to move everything to EN.

If its possible can you please let m know - if its not, please say so and I will have a rethink

Many thanks











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Tagging onto this thread. As of today, is there any way to import OneNote files into Evernote? I have the current Evernote build on my PC and File | Import does not have a choice for OneNote files - only native Evernote files.

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On 9/18/2021 at 6:03 PM, gazzerm said:


I tried the import routine, it only appear to get attach a link - selecting the link opens ON - not really what I wanted

I have both Mac and PC so can use either format

Thanks for your reply


I'm having exactly the same issue here... Having a Win10 platform with latest Win 10 environment with OneNote for Win 10 version 16001.14326.20458.0 and the latest version of Evernote just installed, trying to import an OneNote personal notebook via EVernote import feature, creates just a link instead of having the notes imported. 

Honestly I do not feel like paying €59.99/year for a service that cannot provide essential features like this. I could buy this sum in cash to someone who could perform this and me avoiding the manual copy-paste of ~200 notes.

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If you read the help document above, you see that first you need to export a zip-file from OneNote for each notebook there, before you can start importing anything. And from a zip file you will never get a link to the source program, you get the content that is in it.

About how to export from OneNote you better ask Microsoft.

Once you have your content exported from OneNote, you can start importing into EN. Since both are not having the same internal structure, it may be you need some manual rework. Follow the help document. In case you meet problems, ask support:

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I was (after a long while) able to export my oneNote notes as proper (zipped ONE-files) using the web-version.

Now I am struggling to import one or more of those ONE-files into Evernote. In the current windows version of evernote will only import ENEX files. Everything else will be added as a file-attachment (which is not helpful)

So dear @PinkElephant - have you tried such imports with the latest versions? Is the importer now hidden and I can only not find it?

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I just tried to continue migrating from OneNote to Evernote after a break of a couple of weeks (maybe months) and the "import from OneNote" feature wasn't there any longer. Very confusing, since no mention of that in the help functions and the results on Google just say "use the import function".

@EverNote How can you just remove such a useful feature?

In any case, the "Legacy" option suggested by @gazumpedis the only one that worked for me, although not flawlessly. Some sections of OneNote seem to be much harder to digest - without an obvious reason (such as big files in it or so). And you have to make sure that the OneNote contents is available locally (.e. notebook has been fully sync'd). So, I click on every note in a section and let it show before I initiate the import. Works like 75%, I'd say.


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10 minutes ago, surfrank said:

How can you just remove such a useful feature?

LOL Evernote have enough trouble trying to keep up with changes to their own app,  without ensuring that an app with completely different architecture can be imported without problems.  OneNote has changed,  Evernote has changed - a lot.  They might bring back import functions when things are more settled,  but meantime...

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