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Is Skitch Helper legit? Why is there a separate field in my permissions to allow Skitch Helper access to screen recording?

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My Skitch stopped taking screenshots today after I restarted my computer. It now only takes screenshots of the desktop background, not the window I am trying to capture. When I tried to use it, my system says I need to give permission to something that looks suspicious. Is this legit or is this something I should be worried about? I'm not giving it permission until I hear back. Thanks.


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Whoever knows what this code in front of the app name means. 

My Skitch is called Skitch, without any nonsense added, and yes, it obviously needs a permission in the Macs privacy settings. Honestly I granted it permission so long ago that I don’t remember if there was something else in the box asking for permission.

I would erase the current Skitchwhatever, using the app AppCleaner to do so. Then download it fresh from the EN website, install it and go to Mac settings, security, privacy and grant it the necessary permissions.

If you want an official statement, issue a support ticket.

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