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Smarmy 40% off ads for paying customers

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Are any other paying customers else seeing spammy looking '40% off upgrade' ads while trying to use the product? Is there some way to make them stop? It's such a bad user experience to have to click past ads for something I'm already paying for.

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7 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Click accept, dismiss on the next page.

Not acceptable. I'm with Otterprods—these popups are both annoying and insulting. I paid for it in order to have it ad-free. Get out of my way, Evernote, and let me use Evernote!

I also notice it takes much longer to launch on my phone and I have to go through a couple of clicks before I can take a note. I've used and loved Evernote for years, because it was simple, fast, and cross-platform. With bloat and popups, we're getting close to a deal-breaker for me.

I would love to know a trick or hack to at least stop the popups.

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You have quoted how to do it, and you ask for a way how to do it ?

To avoid you need to go back: To get rid of the popup, you have to click on accept first, and then dismiss it on the next page. At least it did not come back to me since.

And yes, that popup is plain stupid. But at least it is possible to make it move out of the way.

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