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feature request if current behavior of drag/drop note to make link is not a bug

Bill C


I posted this on the possible bugs forum, but if it's not a bug, then I request a new feature where I can set a preference. 

While using the Mac app (not the web app), when I drag a note into another note to create a link, which is something I do a LOT, the link created is a web link instead of an app link.  If this is a bug, I'm notifying you to add to your list of things to fix. If this is intended behavior, then I make the feature request to give me an option I can set somewhere so that all links to notes that I copy and paste are app links instead of web links.  I use the APP links everywhere -- inside the app and when pasting into other programs like my task manager.

By the way, I know how to use the copy internal link option to copy an app link as a workaround.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


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Web user here - the app link would actually better for the web too, otherwise there are soon half a dozen windows open. What I have to do each time I drag in a note is: click the link, get the app link in the new window, close the window, Ctrl K the link on the original note and insert the copied app link. It's not something I do often....

What is the use case for the web link, anyway?

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