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Calendar Widget Not Updating from Google

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This has been happening every day.  I have Evernote open, then I go to the Home Screen to interact with the calendar widget (to start a meeting note) and none of my appointments are there.  I close Evernote, reopen it.  Look at the Home Screen, still the appointments aren't there.  The only way I can make my appointments show up is by going into calendar settings and unchecking the calendar the appointments are on and then checking it again to turn it back on.  I know this isn't the way this is supposed to work, but this is the way it is for me every time.  Very frustrating.  Anybody else having this issue?

More importantly, is this a bug that can be fixed?

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Same issue here. I tried several remedies such as disconnecting calendar service, rebooting computer, reconnecting, etc. Finally stumbled on to unchecking calendar in the widget menu then rechecking the calendar. That worked for me and I will use as a workaround until the bug is fixed.

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I have this problem too, on Windows 10, so it's not just an IOS issue, but rather something to do with the link to google calendar. The workaround (clicking the calendar checkboxes) does display the events for a couple of minutes. I too decided to pay to get the calendar link feature. It was working when I paid, but has stopped working since. Is it reasonable to expect someone from Evernote to acknowledge this issue and provide an issue tracking ticket so we can know when to expect a fix.

I am available to demonstrate the issue if someone from Evernote is interested.

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It's probably not an IOS issue, I have this problem on Windows 10 (app and web), and trying to connect my Google calendar via Android  didn't help too. I get a "something went wrong" message.

I contacted support, they said that many people are having this issue, they are working on it and hopefully it's going to get fixed soon.

I am looking forward to this feature so much!


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