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Zoomlike formating error on Evernote Computer App



Hello everyone,

I'm not sure how I did so, but I changed the formatting of my pages on the Evernote app on my laptop. It looks as if it is zoomed in, however, after zooming out to the maximum, and also trying many other formating options, my text still appears as if zoomed in. 

I believe it is a setting I initiated on the application, as my notes look fine on the browser version of Evernote. To give you a better understanding of what exactly my notes look like now, here is a simple description. My text that would take just a line in font 11, now is spread across four lines, and almost every word is on a different line. My notes that use bullet points have it even worse, some sub-bullet points are so indented to the right of the page, that there is only one letter at a time shown. However, my notes used to show such sub-bullet points in just three to four lines of text for instance. 

Please help me fix this issue, I have tried to change all the settings in the 'note' and 'format' headers, but without success. You can find attached screenshots of what my notes look like on the app, in comparison to the browser version.

Thank you for your time,





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We are looking at 2 different versions of EN here: 

The top picture is from v10, web client, with the new editor

The bottom 2 pictures are from the legacy client, old editor.

It looks ok on the new editor, and not good on the old one. Where was the note created and edited ? On the web in the new editor ?

Was it written by you, or was a text from another source copied into the note ?

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