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Business Cards not only via Scannable

Stefan Krause


I really love the option to scan business cards with Scannable and the format they are being stored.

It would be great to have the chance to create those information manually, i.e. if I have the details only from email signature or something similar.

I tried to copy and paste from an existing scanned card. Overall it works, but I have the picture of the original card included and cannot remove it.

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If you scan a business card and you save it to Evernote, then it is formatted as a digital business card, the information are extracted from the image via OCR  and the scan is attached as an image.

This is really cool and works fine.

Unfortunately I also have contact information that I do not have from cards that I have scanned or Scannable is having issues to convert the scanned card into the scheme, but I want to save them in the same way and format.

Better to understand, what I'm wondering about?

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In general a good idea - I tried it...

Unfortunately it is not fully solving the issue, because you will still have the image of the original business card included. And I do not know why, but for example I cloned the card of Mr. Miller and replaced information with those of Mr. Smith it still pops up when. I search for Miller.

So, being able to remove the picture of the BC would help at least. But way better it would be to be able pull contact template.

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Probably it stores the search information in the metadata, and does not replace it when the content is replaced.

It should be possible to create a blank note that can serve as a template. It is no more than a shell then, no BC logic involved, to save contact data.

Personally I save contact data in the contact roll of the iPhone. I think EN can be a good solution if you are adding information, like notes about visits or phone calls. If you create a template, this can be provisioned, for example by a table for such information.

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