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Yes same here, will Evernote really investigate and reply? It seems run time error

For me, not only mobile, same white window pop up when using Evernote in my Laptop

Screenshot (116).png

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This is a mobile client, probably iOS - the picture above is the web client.

For the mobile client, if nothing more happens than this, and you never get to the app, I would do this:

  1. Close the app, uninstall it. When asked, confirm to dump all data.
  2. Power the iPhone completely off. When you switch it on again, the Apple logo must show.
  3. Go to the AppStore, install EN fresh from there (currently it should be 10.20).
  4. Open the app, log in. It will start the initial download. Wait until this has happened, don’t use the app while it is downloading.

If after this you are still having trouble, ask support.

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