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Evernote Account Accessed by unauthorized device

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I need help. 

I just realized that my Evernote account was accessed by an unidentified device. I didn't received any email about new device singin.

I have removed that device and also setup 2 step authentication but still I want to know the activity that device did. 

Please help. 

Thank you, 

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On 9/11/2021 at 4:05 PM, Boni Satani said:

I want to know the activity that device did

Hi.  You already did as much as you can if you're also using a unique and complicated password for Evernote.  It's impossible however to track anything specific for that individual device.  If it gained access it would have been logged in as you.  You may be able to check for updated, created or deleted notes with the specific dates involved,  but if any notes were viewed,  the action is not recorded.

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