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Simply trying to create a note

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I am simply trying to create a note and it turns into an insufferable ordeal.Tormented by upgrade requests and asking to unsync devices but......when I select devices to unsync - most of which are iPhone devices that I don't recognise - it won't let me save the selection. 

An insufferable ball of ***** ! 

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@Maixo You most likely have few experience with EN.

If there are several iPhone listed, it may be your account was accesses by somebody else. Then creating a note is your smallest problem. To see if this may be the case, check in your account settings from where the access has taken place. Then you can follow this advise.


Update / Upgrade requests: You are on a Free account, so you basically use your service off the marketing budget. You should expect some nagging. As long as you click on "Later", "Not now" or similar, it will come back. To get rid of it for a while, click on "Accept" and dismiss it on the following screen.

There is a upper limit on unsyncs - if it was used up, you need to wait for 30 days, or subscribe for a month. Free rules, again.

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