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Things Evernote Has Gotten Right

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There are a lot of posts about issues with Evernote. And I know lots of them are justified and things still need to be worked out.

However, I am somewhat surprised that there aren't more posts about how great Evernote is though. Is it just because people that are satisfied don't think to come and post positive things? I mean - what would be the point of that? (Would you just look like a "fan-boy"?) The only reason I really found these forums were because of issues that I was having in the early days with v10.

Can I just say that I am loving Evernote right now though -- more than ever before. I run EN on PC, MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS and occasionally on the web -- all on the latest v10 version. (Maybe I'm lucky that I don't have an Android...?) and I have very few issues and complaints.

This app and ecosystem is seriously awesome. Here are just a few random thoughts that I jotted down recently -- not nearly an exhaustive list.

  • Multi-platform. So cool to be able to access my notes from anywhere.
    • Same with tasks too -- vs being locked into a specific OS platform. (I'm also a Things user in the Apple-only ecosystem and can't access from Windows PC)
  • Multi-platform look is universal -- same on Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, iOS (and web) -- very, very nice
    • This one is huge to me. Before, the note font was so different between Windows and MacOS.
  • The UI is so good. One of the best on any apps that I've used.
    • I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really dig the look of the new version. Like - really dig it. Kudos to the designers.
  • Love the structure of the setup compared to XXX (which I loathe) or XXX (which is so tedious) [competitor names removed]
  • Price is good enough for Plus -- I may upgrade to Personal/Professional. (7/21 - No real need to yet though)
    • 9/3 - I upgraded to Personal
  • Attachments are super nice: pdf, Affinity Designer, Pages, etc.
    • different options for inline PDF (and PDF searching for Personal)
    • love the way the attachments are inline
    • (kind of weird how I can edit some files in place -- like a Pages document -- but not a PDF (with Preview and not the EN PDF Editor))
  • Working with attachments is simple compared to other tools
  • Opening multiple windows on Desktop is awesome
    • like XXXX [competitor name removed] can only do one extra window and it isn't a "full featured" note editor / window.
    • (Yes - hoping that tabs come back on MacOS, but if it doesn't, I have adjusted.)
    • By the way -- this works better on MacOS than Windows because of MacOS's Command-Tilde window switching within the same app
  • Dragging and dropping/moving attachments and bullet point blocks is superb
  • When note window fills application (side bar and note list are hidden) you can use 'Switch to' to go to a different note and then use the back mouse button or keyboard shortcut to go back to the other note.
  • Tasks -- searching (and filtering) for tasks is pretty nice. I like how it bolds the text and keeps the task list with the filter for subsequent opens of the task view.
  • Tagging setup is phenomenal.
  • Can I mention "Switch to..." (Command-J on MacOS, Ctrl-Q on Windows) again -- love that.
    • Love that I can expand a note to take up the whole space (hide the side bar and note list) and then use 'Switch to...' to find and open a different note in place.
    • Feature request... I should look to see if this is already posted... Make it so you can open a note in a new window from the 'Switch to...'
There are so many other things that Evernote does right -- this list is really just a drop in that bucket. I know there is still a ways to go with v10 to work out all the kinks, but I think they are definitely on the right track and I'm really liking how things are shaping up.
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1 hour ago, Boot17 said:

Can I just say that I am loving Evernote right now

I'm still using the Evernote Legacy product
The v10 product is a work-in-progress; I'm waiting for work to be completed considering switching


I'm Apple only, but I agree that multi-platform is cool
however this comes at a cost

  • The Evernote Legacy product maintained native apps for each platform at increased development work and costs
    This limits the implementation of new features
  • The Evernote v10 product converted to a more universal mechanism and reduced the development work and costs
    This limits the product quality on the Mac/Windows platforms (imho)

>>Love the structure of the setup

The .enml note format (basically html) works for me; although some users want a markdown option
I'm happy that my other files are maintained in native format (note attachment files)

I appreciate the sync process that maintains the master data copy on the Evernote servers, and copies on each of my devices

>> Tagging setup is phenomenal.

Agreed, and convinced me to drop folder methodology

>> Data Export

I would also include the data export feature
I've always appreciated that my data is not locked in and easily exported
Works well in the Evernote Legacy product; still a work-in-progress for the v10 product

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100% agree. I returned to EN a few weeks ago and am loving it - chromebook user, so web only. I signed up around 2011/12. Can't remember why I ditched. I joined the forum hoping to learn from others' example workflows, etc.

  • I'm a writer / researcher / project manager also doing a postgrad part-time and EN offers a strong notes workflow which is rooted in note content: not links between notes, as is the vogue today.
  • I think how the new features are sat "on top of" the old EN model is very cunning. With the filtered notes widget in particular,  the "home screen" is a powerhouse for me. I'd love to see multiple swappable "homes". 

I'm not blind to the flaws, and I understand why so many here are furious. I have long-standing pro accounts with Notejoy and Nimbus, both solid apps. In just a few weeks I've seen bugs in EN that've made my head melt, and have raised many here and with support. Also, I can't believe EN doesn't yet have many basic web app features, like a back button menu. It feels like EN have a clear vision, but have flubbed the balancing act with the old pros. Nevertheless, I'd still just like to learn more about other user's workflows ...

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