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Will there be a fast, smooth version for Android at any point soon?

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I've been an Evernote customer since 2008 and have ~ 30,000 notes (many of which include attached documents) and am on the Professional plan.

I've seen the bugs work out of Evernote 10 on MacOS and Windows over the past few months, but unfortunately I recently had to switch from iOS, which was working fairly well, to Android, and my experience, despite deleting and re-installing a few times, has been terrible.

I'm running it on a Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, so processor shouldn't be an issue, nor bandwidth.

I've tried both not downloading any of my notebooks offline and also downloading them.  Neither seems to have a major impact on my issues.

My recurring problems:

  1. Opening notes takes anywhere from 6 to 8 seconds.  It doesn't sound like much, but it's a noticeable delay when you're trying to work in the moment, and other competitive apps don't have this problem.
  2. Search - it can take upwards of 10+ seconds to return results.
  3. Clipping - It never works on the first try.  I have to re-start / reactivate the app before a clip goes through on the second try.
  4. Clipping - syncing a single note of a single article may take 30+ seconds.
  5. Stability - I'm losing 1 note every 10 or so when I create it from the widget.
  6. Interface slowness - it's so janky when editing a note and moving things around.
  7. Tasks - I LOVE the concept of have tasks with the context of the note around them, but to manipulate a single task, changing its date, for example, takes 10 seconds or more.

Perhaps this sounds like a first world problem, but these things are driving me absolutely nuts, and I've flip flopped on moving over to a combo of Roam and Dropbox, but that's unsatisfactory as well.  I've such a database of important note in Evernote, the interface, when it works, it the simplest yet most powerful.  Also, I absolutely do appreciate both the huge task they've had to rewrite the code base and Ian's vision.

All this said, I really need this to be functional on mobile as I'm not tethered to a desk.  It's impeding my work.

So, is there any hope?  (I'm not being dramatic, but I'm a longtime user and fan who really is about to jump ship and doesn't want to.)

Perhaps the problem is mine: 30,000 notes is too much?

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First, you are not alone. You experience the exact same issues as many of us. Evernote 10 is now out for 9 months and except for adding new features there has been almost no improvement on speed and quality concerning bug fixing. Seeing this time span I would not expect that we will see a working EN on Android soon. Maybe using the new app framework killed the former user experience even forever when it comes to speed and responsiveness. Also background syncing seems to not be possible anymore. But the only chance to get an answer from Evernote is by raising tickets on this. If you need instant hassle free access to your data you could also consider rolling back to EN8.13.3 via APK sideload.

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On 9/8/2021 at 12:25 PM, lmsergio said:

So, is there any hope?  (I'm not being dramatic, but I'm a longtime user and fan who really is about to jump ship and doesn't want to.)

Perhaps the problem is mine: 30,000 notes is too much?

No, and yes: With 30'000 notes you are unlikely to jump ship.

And thank you for summarizing the problems that I have as well... on high-end hardware. 

I raised some tickets for v10 but nothing ever came of it. 

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