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Some ideas if EN v10 is slow



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This is a precís from the forum and my own observation of what you can do if EN v10 is slow:

Use small(er) notes
EN v10 with this always-on syncing does not like large notes, with a lot of text. It tends to stall.
Create duplicates of THE ONE BIG NOTE, split it up in several smaller ones. If necessary add a TOC table of content note, and link each small note to the others to facilitate moving between notes.

Turn OFF the spellchecker
It seems the spellchecker sometimes starts to loop. Then it draws system resources, and creates a bottleneck.
Simply disable the spell checker whenever in doubt.

Work offline
Especially operations on multiple notes at the same time seem to run much faster when the client is offline.
I believe after each single operation in a queue EN contacts the server and syncs the change right away. Being offline avoids this time consuming update while performing the operation.

This is not to tell EN does not need to work on the problem, just the opposite. Maybe this helps to bridge the gap.

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22 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Work offline

There was a process that folks used on Windows back in the day to block EN internet access and thereby slowdowns caused by syncs.  It required the creation of a firewall rule and a bat file.  Instructions here.  It was used by those whose EN would hang when performing mass maintenance or the like.  It stops all EN internet access for a prescribed period.  Don't know how it would work with V10 desktop though. 

Contents of bat file below.  Timeout is now many seconds you want to block access, 12 minutes in the example.  At that point EN will be unblocked automatically.  Or you just close the Window.  FWIW.

netsh advfirewall firewall set rule name="Block Evernote" new enable=yes
timeout 7200
netsh advfirewall firewall set rule name="Block Evernote" new enable=no


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