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Tag filters in notebooks

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When filtering my notes by tags in my notebooks, the notes don't show up, for example I have a tag called "subject" in my math notebook in evernote, but evernote says there are no notes with this tag. This is happening in android and in desktop app

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Just tried on iOS, which is equivalent to Android.

1st run: All Notes view, then filtered for notebook INBOX and tag 2018 :


2nd run: Notebook INBOX preselected, then filtered for the tag 2018 again:



Conclusion:Works on my iOS clients, I am pretty sure it will work as well on my Mac.

Maybe you tell a bit more about what exactly you do to make it dysfunctional. It may well be you miss a little step, and the filter is not effectively applied.

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You could try this as an alternative:

Choose the notebook, as you have done. Open search (magnifier symbol)

type this into the search field:


replacing MyTag with the tag you want to use. Important: No space behind the colon. Hit Enter.

See what happens. In my little trial it produces the same 10 hits as before.

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If this does not work either, it is likely the client has a broken search index.

You could try a logout / login before uninstalling.

After reinstalling keep the app open and wait the initial sync go through. It is this initial sync that builds the search index.

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