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Where is the SYNC button and the last sync date?

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Where is the SYNC button please?

Where can I see when the last sync has been done like in the previous versions?

  • We DO need it for manual sync.
  • We want to see the last sync date/time as before.

NO, I won't wait for any automatic sync.
Yes, I can make lots of clicks through the settings of Evernote to find the link "sync now".
But this is everything but not userfriendly.

The more I use the new Evernote 10, the more I get annoyed.
Lots of gimmicks, but nothing for serious, fluid, professional work!


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Mobile client:



Synchronize now

tap, wait, done

A blue message will appear to give you peace of mind …

BTW its syncs by itself without ever touching that function. To place this function into settings is not unfriendly to the user, it is just a trouser for everybody not trusting his belt. The mobile GUI has little space and can do very well without yet another button that only gets into the way.

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Yes, I know that, like I have said.

There are several reasons why a manual sync is useful, especially showing time and date of last sync.

When I immediately need a sync of a note between devices for example ...

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From my experience it syncs within seconds, a minute max when left alone - as long as it has an internet connection with some speed.

Unsynced notes are marked by a green triangle - no green triangle, nothing left to sync.

All the rest like knowing when it synced, what it synced - name me one cloud service that does this ?! We are users, no diddelydoo admins.

If you really want to know (yes, again tap click tap in settings) get and download the activity log. It contains a lot of system information. It is readable by every decent text editor.


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