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Calendar view: list view not possible, it simply doesn't save the clicked option

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how can I save the calendar view to "list" instead of "timeline"?
I can choose "list" ... and now what?
No save button, clicking into the calendar ... nothing changes the calendar view to "list".


Any idea?



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I have the same problem: It always goes back to the timeline view. Another annoying thing is that it uses a 12-hour clock and a week starts with a sunday. But the biggest problem is slow sync, as it takes up to 1 hour to update.

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I seem to be able to switch between Timeline and List and the setting sticks for me. Given that it works for some, this is probably appropriate to raise as a support ticket.

The calendar format as 12-hour clock and week start on a Sunday may be something more personal.  I recall during the beta test phase the day of the week for a calendar to start was raised and the majority preferred a Sunday start which was then chosen - possibly the preference of the English-speaking world 😉. On my Android device (Since these are the Android forums) the time selection is the clock face wheel and mine shows as 24-hour clock. (FWIW I also have 24 hour clock in the Windows desktop app too...)

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