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Adding text box and free the images

Tariq Alrosan


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For pictures it works, by using the annotate function. For sketches not. In these cases I use the tools build into the OS for free drawing on a picture.

If you use more advanced apps, you even have  independent layers for pictures and text / drawings.

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6 hours ago, Tariq Alrosan said:

It will be a very nice idea to be able to add a text box .  the idea is to add a text to any where with whatever layout over pictures or over sketches .

Same for pictures it will be much easier to be free with pictures layout just move it any where easily.

I've had success working within a table grid    
This allows more options for layout

Keep in mind that Evernote notes are a html based format   
For more options like "text box ... pictures layout", you need to switch to a proprietary format

Be aware the pictures/sketches do not have an annotation layer (like pdfs)   
Text annotations are inserted directly in the image itself


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Everybody can do this, no need to wait for EN to implement something: Just use an app that is better in picture and graphic works, and attach the file into a note. 

Then it is contained in its own „proprietary format“, probably one that works on this specific content.

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